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A "Mello" Bistro Afternoon

By Michele

On a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon, my husband and I, along with our friends, Billa and Martin, visited Mello Bistro on Staten Island for brunch. Mello sports French flair, Italian influence and a Brazilian heart. You know you are in a special place the moment you walk through their door. The dining room is casual and cozy yet refined. We four have dined there for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed the fare along with their gracious hospitality and brunch did not disappoint.

Everything we ordered from drinks to dessert was artfully presented. Picture worthy!

Here’s how we summed it up.

Of course, we first ordered refreshments. Dave and I enjoyed a Bloody Mary and Mimosa, respectively. Billa opted for tea which was presented in a charming tea pot with a matching cup at its base, and Martin chose a warm cappuccino as he had a little chill.

A homemade bread with an olive oil dipping sauce was placed on the table and almost immediately gobbled up. It was savory and delectable.

 Brunch entrees included Frittata Italiana for me and Martin. It was a baked egg dish, mixed with ricotta cheese, artichoke hearts, asparagus, potato and cheese. It was creamy with layers of flavor topped with microgreens. We both ate every morsel of this luscious dish.

David enjoyed eggs Benedict. The plate was presented beautifully with a twist of orange, two eggs and roasted potatoes. Dave thought it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary but found it very tasty. He, too, ate it all up!

Billa ordered shakshuka. Though rich in color and texture, she felt it could have been spicier. She enjoyed it, nonetheless.

Then there was dessert! I shared a Pavlova with berries and Chantilly cream with David. It was light with sweet berries. When combined with a delicious Chantilly cream it was heavenly. We could have eaten a small bowl of the cream alone.

Martin and Billa shared a Chocolatissimo dessert. A small round cake filled with a warm and rich chocolate sauce. A French vanilla gelato was served alongside. They pronounced the dessert “perfect”.

If you’re looking for an intimate and relaxed atmosphere coupled with outstanding service and delicious food, this is the place to go! That became obvious as we four friends thoroughly enjoyed our time together at Mello.

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Food, service and ambience ten out of ten!

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