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Afternoon Cocktails and Appetizers

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

By Michele

It was, simply, a spectacular afternoon. The sky - beautifully blue with a few fluffy little clouds, cute as can be. The sun - brilliant. The air - pure, sweet, gently stirred with a soft breeze. A perfect afternoon? Why not make it more perfect with friends, cocktails and appetizers at an inn with history and a gorgeous garden? So, as the sun was on its way to setting, that’s what we did. The Tom Quick Inn is a local tradition that dates back nearly 140 years. Located in the heart of historic Milford, PA, the Inn was one of the town’s anchors on Main Street in the late 1800s. Its Victorian style, wide veranda, and signature cupola remind visitors of the town’s rich history, while a newly renovated interior offers fine dining and charming rooms for contemporary travelers.

We sat on the veranda, enjoying the view, people watching, and debating our selections from an interesting menu. I enjoyed sipping on a St. Ruby cocktail which was a mix of vodka, aperol, St. Germain, grapefruit juice and fresh lemon juice. It as delicious and refreshing!


These ruby jewels were beautifully displayed on a bed of whipped ricotta, then scattered with roasted pistachios and topped off with a tasty salsa verde. Each bite was a delicious mix of texture and flavor. GRILLED OCTOPUS

A perfectly charred octopus was served along with crispy whole small potatoes and topped with a green olive salsa and grilled romaine. The potatoes had terrific texture, too. The crispy skin yielded to a soft and creamy interior. That combination was scrumptious! FRIED CALAMARI

A light breading coated these tender ringlets of calamari and were accompanied by a spicy Fra Diavolo sauce. I was so impressed that I sent my compliments to the chef! He was really busy in the kitchen but sent a message of thanks with the waitress. Speaking of the waitress, she and the staff we came in contact with were welcoming, enthusiastic, and attentive. I can’t wait to return and try other options on their menu. If you’re in the area, The Tom Quick Inn is a must experience!


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