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Appetizers All Dressed Up for the Season

By Luci

Don’t you love Christmas cookies? So beautiful or amusing or even funky. Well then, when entertaining or just for fun, why not decorate your appetizers as you would a cookie? These appetizers all have a bread base cut with a cookie cutter with a Christmas or winter theme. The cutouts are topped with a colorful spread  and additional garnish. We could call them Christmas canapés.

To make, choose a base that compliments the toppings and the shape of the cookie cutter. Cover with the chosen spread; you may find it easiest to use your (very clean) fingers to make the outline clear. Add appropriate garnish. To make the task easy I used spreads available in groceries.


The base: Pita. The spread: Roasted red pepper dip. Garnish: A small circle of goat cheese topped with a dollop of guacamole.


The base: Toasted white bread. The spread: Goat cheese (add some sour cream if necessary to make it easy to spread). Garnish: Black olive eyes, roasted red pepper mouth, green olive buttons.


The base: Rye bread or a thin slice of bagel. The spread: Tzatziki. Garnish: Red pepper spread and chopped dill.


The base: Tortilla. The spread: Guacamole. The garnish: Pomegranate seeds.

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An entertaining and festive addition to a holiday presentation.

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