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Experimenting with Seaweed

by Billa

I like following culinary trends, especially healthy ones. So, when I saw seaweed on a couple of lists for culinary trends for 2022, I decided to order some and experiment. Note that seaweed has been around for a while, especially in Japanese restaurants. What's new is that scientists are working on developing new products using seaweed, so don't be surprised if you see all kinds of seaweed chips, pastas and soups on the shelf in the supermarket soon.

If you Google “Is seaweed healthy?” you’ll find that seaweed is an excellent source of iodine, which improves thyroid function. It also has some fiber, which keeps your gut healthy. And it reduces blood pressure. However, there are also cautions that it can expose people to high levels of heavy metals, iodine, and potassium, and may contain fragments of shellfish, which would make it unsafe for people with shellfish allergies.

I purchased some wakame at Whole Foods. This type of seaweed is used mostly in soups and salads. I decided to make a salad. I concocted a couple of recipes. Below is the recipe I liked best. The salad tasted very fresh with the sweetness of the carrots nicely balancing the brininess and oceany flavor of the seaweed.

Mix together 2 cups grated carrots, 2 thinly sliced scallions, and sliced hearts of palm (from one can). Add a small handful of wakame and mix again. Make a dressing by whisking together 1 TBS. of soy sauce, 1 TBS. of rice wine vinegar, and 1 tsp. of sesame oil. Add dressing to salad and serve.


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