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High Fashion and Lunch

By Billa

Again my two favorite things intersected. I went to the Brooklyn Museum last week to see an exhibit of the French fashion designer Thierry Mugler’s clothes and had lunch at the museum restaurant - The Norm.

First the art: Thierry Mugler was a professional ballet dancer for 6 years before changing careers and becoming a fashion designer. He passed away in 2022 and this is the first retrospective exhibition of his work.

His work can be described as outrageous, daring, edgy, creative, striking, original, and visionary.

Here are some of his designs:

After looking at these fabulous clothes for an hour and a half, we were hungry.

According to The Norm’s website, the food is supposed to reflect Brooklyn’s global and cultural diversity. For lunch, the entrees listed on the menu were: grilled cheese,

burger and fries, seared salmon, roasted chicken, and ancient grain risotto.

We chose a ginger/pineapple non-alcoholic drink to start. It was an original and creative concoction.

Because it was a very chilly day (32 degrees), and the museum itself was rather chilly, I was craving hot soup. So, I selected the grilled cheese sandwich that conveniently came with a tomato soup.

The tomato soup was beautifully presented and was chunky and zesty with that wonderful tomato-y taste. The grilled cheese sandwich was well made with thick bread and a mild cheese. A perfect warming lunch.

My husband said his ancient grain risotto was hearty and flavorful.

Last time we were at The Norm, we enjoyed a terrific chocolate cake. It was listed on the website menu, so I was looking forward to having it again, but, alas, it was not available. Maybe next time.


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