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Why not acquire an air fryer? By Michele

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

After all, they promise to deliver crispy, crunchy food with little to no oil. Compared to deep-frying, they significantly reduce overall fat and caloric intake. With time efficiency and easy clean-up, what’s not to like?

For someone like me, a lover of fried foods concerned with health, nothing. I no longer miss fried foods, usually avoiding them unless overcome by tenacious cravings that will not be denied. My kitchen now contains a Cosori Air Fryer. It comes to my rescue allowing me to enjoy the crispy, crunchy foods I crave without the guilt!

With some trepidation, I planned a dinner of favorite fried foods to inaugurate the air fryer: fish, French fries and mini apple pies. WOW! I loved the results. The breading on the fish browned beautifully and delivered the crunch I love so much along with flaky, moist fish inside. The potatoes were just as good - crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. As for the apple dessert, the pie crust browed nicely and the apple mixture cooked perfectly - awesomely delicious.

So, if you are considering the purchase of one, I would highly recommend it. No mystery-just crispy.


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Jan 09, 2022

What is the difference between air frying and high heat convection roasting? Ive made French fries in my convection oven and they come out crispy and brown. Maybe you can explain? Thank you (hi from Janice E)

Replying to

Hi Janice,

From my research, air fryers cook faster than convection ovens. They are also smaller, don't necessarily need to be stored on your kitchen counter, and are easier to clean. They're similar in that both use less oil to cook food, use fans to facilitate cooking, and can cook a variety of foods. I would say that if you have a convection oven, you are already using a tool for healthy cooking. So, no need to supplement with another kitchen appliance.


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