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Wintry White Dinner by Michele

Updated: May 10, 2021

Some winters will be remembered for many reasons. One of them is the weather, especially in my home state of New York where Mother Nature blanketed us in a winter wonderland almost weekly. Outside my windows, I saw mounds and mounds of white, glistening snow. Beautiful! That gave me an idea! How about a dinner where all dishes on the menu would be made with food that is white. That way, I would bring the cold snowy days in but in a deliciously warm way!

My guests were told of the dinner theme and came dressed accordingly, in white. With my fireplace roaring and lit candles everywhere we made ourselves comfortable and settled in for a warm dining experience. After indulging in the appetizers, we moved to the dining table which was set with white and silver dinnerware. For the centerpiece, I placed various sizes of Styrofoam balls, representing snow balls, along with a smattering of silver confetti. As planned, our guests were charmed by the lovely wintry decor and warmed by the luscious food, reminding everyone that winter can be wonderful.


White Fish Salad

Sampling of Cheeses

White Mushrooms in Cream


Cauliflower with Parmesan Crisp


Chilean Sea Bass in Parchment with Sage Butter

Mashed Potatoes

Creamed Onions


Radish and Cucumber



Meringue Cookies

The snowy, puffed white meringue cookies perfectly reflected the view outside my windows.


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